Free Shipping

Sweet Hazel's offers free U.S. ground shipping on all orders of $50.00 or more. It's simple, if you spend $50.00 or more on a single order, we'll ship that order.

Free Return Shipping

Sweet Hazel's pays for return shipping. If you have to return an item, shipping is free.

Perfection Takes Time

All Sweet Hazel's products are made to order. When you order a shirt, as an example, we make it. Thus, it can take up to five days for your order to ship.

Once a item is shipped, the carrier has to take it all the way to your place, which can take some time too.

Ultimately, Sweet Hazel's ships your order to an address you specify.

Sometimes You Pay for Shipping

If your total order is less than $50.00, we will ask you to pay for the shipping. We charge a flat rate based on weight. Most of our products ship from Los Angeles, California.

Too Easy?

Sweet Hazel's was a little concerned that our shipping was too easy. You know, spend less than $50.00, you pay for it. Spend more than $50.00, Sweet Hazel's pays for it. Return shipping is free. Simple.

But all of this simplicity left the shipping information page a little empty. So here is a music video to entertain you. You're welcome.